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Parents Resource Guide to School Safety

School is a place where parents can send their children with the understanding that they will be treated fairly and receive a good education. For the majority of parents and children this is the care. However, many children experience problems in school that are not related to education.

Parents need to be concerned about several issues that their children face in school. Some of these issues are under the watch of the schools while others are not. Issues such as bullying, cyberbullying, drug and alcohol usage, fire safety and others are key problems that parents and educators face.

But, schools and parent groups have worked together to help keep kid’s safe while in school. To help everyone keep children safe while in the care of schools, we have put together the following information. Please feel free to share this information with other parents or your school, and help keep your kids safe.

Bullying Information

  1. Bullying Prevention at School

  2. How to Stop Bullying at School

  3. Bullying Rates at School

  4. Bullying and Harassment in Schools

  5. Bullying Prevention and Intervention Resources


  1. What Schools Can Do About Cyberbullying

  2. Signs of Cyberbullying in the Classroom

  3. Cyberbullying in Schools

  4. Educators Guide to Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats

Bus Safety

  1. School Bus Safety Overview

  2. School Bus Safety

  3. Rules for Riding the School Bus

  4. School Bus Safety Tips

Fire Safety

  1. School Fire Safety Checklist

  2. Fire Safety in School Buildings

  3. Fire Prevention in Schools

Drug Safety

  1. Creating Safe and Drug Free Schools

  2. Texas School Safety Center

  3. Preventing Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  4. Safe and Drug Free Schools

School Safety Resources

  1. School Safety

  2. School Safety Resources for Educators

  3. Safe Play Equipment

  4. Information About School Safety

  5. Safe Youth. Safe Schools

  6. Safe Playground Surfaces

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