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Staying Cool While Exercising Outside

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Exercise is an important part of our life for people of all age. A proper dose of exercise is needed for children to avoid obesity and to build up to a healthy adulthood. Exercise is also important for older people to avoid possible health issues and to prolong their life. However, while exercise is very important, it is also important to avoid prolonged exposure to hot weather, regardless of age.​Exercising in hot weather can lead to a number of health related issues. You could be running the risk of excess exposure to the sun, which can cause severe sunburns. In addition, the heat from the Sun will also cause people to perspire while exercising. This lose of liquid in the body can cause overheating, dehydration and heatstroke. All can have severe health consequences.​To learn more about dangers of exercising outside, we have put together a useful guideline for parents and others to become more aware of some of the dangers of exercising. We hope this helps you and your family stay healthy outdoors.​

  1. Exercise, Fitness and Nutrition for Parents

  2. Exercise Aids and Activities

  3. Outdoor Exercise

  4. Ten Tips For safely exercising in all Weather

  5. Exercising in the Heat (PDF)

  6. Sunburn Information

  7. Sun Protection

  8. Sunburn Symptoms and Treatment

  9. Exertional Heat Illnesses

  10. What Happens to the Body during Overheating

  11. Heat-related Illnesses and Seniors

  12. Information on Dehydration

  13. Dehydration Symptoms in Children and Adults

  14. Hyperthermia and Central Fatigue

  15. Hyperthermia on the Run

  16. Outdoor Safety Tips for Kids and Parents

  17. Heatstroke

  18. Heat Index Increases Risk of Overheating

  19. Hyperthermia and the Pregnant Athlete

  20. Heat and Exercise: Keeping cool in Hot Weather

  21. Heat Stroke in Children

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