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The 24' Double Tier Octagon Steel Frame Shelter Pavilion enhances any outdoor space with a great-looking structure. Ideal for parks and recreation, hotel property, and landscape architectural spaces. Customize this outdoor pavilion with six column styles, 17 roofing colors, and 22 column colors. We offer weathervanes, cupolas, or handrails as options.



24' (AS) Octagonal Duo-Top Structure; 6:12 Pitch; 8 Standard Column Design; Standard 4" Sub Surface Mount.


Roofing Type: 

24 Ga. 36" Wide R-Panel



Dimensions: 24' D

Series: 8500 Octagon

Model: 8524DP

Shape: Octagon

Product Type: Shelter/Pavilion

Number of Tiers: Double

Structure Square Footage: 408



24 Gauge R Type Roof Colors

29 Gauge Max Rib Roof Colors

Column Type Options

Powder Coat Colors

24' Double Tier Octagonal Steel Shelter Pavilion

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