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A panel-based unit for children ages 6-23 months allows exploration of texture, shapes, sound, and more! What is unique about the AIG031-SRP is the texture climber paired with the stairs, which allows infants to choose whether to crawl or walk to the top where they then have the opportunity to either slide down or climb down the way they came. Infants learn to climb and play on this structure.


For an educational and interactive addition to your 6-23 month olds' play environment, consider a AIG031-SRP unit. This structure is a panel-based unit allowing for the exploration of texture, shapes, sound, and more! The AIG031-SRP also provides opportunity for infants to use the texture climber to climb or crawl to the top of the structure and slide their way back down to continue exploring the panels and musical play pieces closer to the ground! The total size of the AIG031-SRP is 11 feet by 9 feet with a required use zone of 24 feet by 21 feet. Available in a primary or natural color scheme.



Dimensions: 11' x 9'

Use Zone: 24' x 21' 


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