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The Barrel Vaulted Integrated Shade is a large and durable design for protecting the playground. This shade is a great option for adding visual appeal to square shaped decks.


Our Barrel Vaulted Integrated Shade offers a modern design that protects a large portion of the playground structure. Constructed from steel and our commercial-grade fabric, this shade is a durable option for weather protection. This product is available in a single deck or deck-to-deck design. Obtain your ideal color scheme by choosing between our wide variety of color options available.


Specifications & Features

• Constructed from steel and commercial-grade fabric

• Available as single deck or deck-to-deck design

• Intended for square shaped decks

• 3-4 hour installation time, 2-4 people

• 266-506 lbs. (depending upon model)

• Made in the USA

• Support posts and deck ordered separately


Adventure Series (3.5") Model Numbers

• Deck-to-Deck (10 ½' x 22'): A350375XX, $5,338

• Single Deck (10 ½' x 11'): A350376XX $3,402

Expedition Series (5") Model Numbers

• Deck-to-Deck (11 ½' x 24'): E051151XX $5,892

• Single Deck (11 ½' x 12'): E051161XX $3,694


Quick Highlights:

  • Intended For Square Shaped Decks
  • Available For 3.5 in. and 5 in. Diameter Posts
  • Single Deck or Deck-To-Deck Designs Available

Barrel Vaulted Integrated Shade

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