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Age Group: 5-12 Years

Capacity: 38

Structure Size: 22' x 20'

Use Zone: 34' x 32'

Fall Height: 4'

Timber Count: 27

ADA: Yes



Upholding a sleek and modern look, this commercial playground structure will have children using every muscle in their body. As an alternative to basic playground steps, the delta arch bridge provides children a unique climbing challenge and invites children to work together in order to navigate their way through this structure. The double chute slide and the 90-degree curve slide will surely put a smile on a child's face! Additionally, this structure comes with a sliding pole for them to move, in a unique and fun way, from the decking back down to the ground. The 22 feet by 20 feet structure has a required use zone of 34 feet by 32 feet and has a capacity to fit 38 children between the ages of 5 and 12.


Modern and sleek, this commercial playground structure is designed for 26 children aged 5-12 years and will have children putting every muscle in their body to use. Upholding a more complex design, this structure is aimed at stimulating the mindset of its users as well as presenting an achievable challenge. As a plus, the playground is accompanied by an ADA transfer station.


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