• Capacity: 88
  • Use Zone: 63' x 47'
  • Series: Commercial Playgrounds
  • Adventure (Standard Posts)



Looking for a playground that will meet all of your needs? With its numerous different components such as slides, unique activity panels, and a bubble wall climber, the PS3-57504 will fulfill all of your commercial playground wants and needs. This commercial playground structure, with a required 63 feet by 47 feet use zone, is available in a variety of colors and designed for children ages 5-12 years allowing for a capacity of up to 88 children. It is a structure fit for copious amounts of children at one time, which makes it a perfect fit for parks or schools. The dimensions of this playground are 51 feet by 35 feet and 8 feet long. Photographed above is the most recent PS3-57504 install located at a local park in Cumming, Ga.


From it's unique selection of slides to the bubble wall climber and various play panels, the PS3-57504 is a playground that will meet all of your needs. This commercial playground structure allows for up to 88 children to play at once.


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