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  • Capacity: 10 Children
  • Series: Commercial Playgrounds
  • Adventure (Standard Posts)



This infant Exploratorium is an engaging structure for children aged 6-23 months. With the ability to hold up to 10 children, the closed-off structure makes it easy for caregivers to keep an eye on the infants. The PS3-70228 features fun, tactile panels such as a bead, mirror, bell, shape spinners, peek-a-boo, and texture that will kick start your infants' early childhood education experience early! Overall the structure is 7 feet by 7 feet and a perfect addition to any play area.


To engage your infants in early childhood education early, allow them to crawl through and touch and feel the features of this infant Exploratorium. With various panels and a closed-off feel, infants will learn and discover so much in the PS3-70228.


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