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Product Description

The Serenade combines the best of learning and fun! Each note is labeled on the instrument and given a color, which allows children to easily follow the notes on the instrument and in the attached book. There are 15 chimes that create sweet and pleasant notes. The song book includes six easy-to-learn songs.



Recycled HDPE frame

Powder coated aluminum chimes

Stainless steel hardware


Features and Benefits

C major diatonic

Wheelchair accessible

Built-in mallet holders

Color-coded song book

In-ground mount, surface mount,or portable

Low maintenance

Constructed of durable materialsand backed by the industry’sleading warranty


Instrument Size

44 1/2" x 23 7/8" x 30" to 44"


Finished Height Guidelines

Ages 3-5: 30"

Ages 5-7: 35"

Ages 7-11: 40"

Ages 12+: 44"




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