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  • 30" round table
  • Reflective signage/lettering that reads Charging Station
  • 4 dual 3.0 rapid-charge USB ports
  • Dedicated mobility device access port
  • Sleek, all-black design
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty



Our Solar Charging Pole is the perfect 2-in-1 table and charging station. The pole features a 30" round table with four dual 3.0 Rapid-Charge USB ports. What's more, it features a dedicated mobility device access port. This design is truly perfect for any location, especially college campuses and office parks. Its modern and slim design blends into any landscape. 



If you're looking for outdoor charging stations, check out our Solar Charging Pole that makes charging cell phones and tablets on the go easy.


Also, check out our Solar Charging Bench.

Solar Charging Pole

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