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The Tilt and Swivel Umbrella is designed so that the canopy can be installed on-site for maximum sun protection based on each location. Once installed, the canopy will not continue to swivel or tilt to different degrees.


Quick Highlights:

  • Sizes range from 8'-18' Square
  • 8 ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. Entry Heights
  • Surface or In-Ground Mount
  • With or Without Glide Elbow™ (up to 30 ft.)
  • Traditional Shade Fabric



Type: Umbrella

Shape: Square

Standard Wind Loads w/ Fabric: 93 MPH

Standard Wind Loads w/o Fabric: 150 MPH

Glide Elbow


Entry Heights: 10' Entry Height

Canopy Size Width: 12'

Mount Type: Surface Mount

Mount Type: In-ground Mount

Tilt and Swivel Umbrella

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