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•HDPE frame

•Anodized aluminum chimes and resonators

•Stainless steel hardware


Features and Benefits

•C major and A minor

• Wheelchair accessible

•Includes two attached mallets

•In-ground mount, surface mount, or portable

•Normal or toddler size

•Low maintenance

•Constructed of durable materials and backed by the industry’s leading warranty


Product Description

The Tuned Drums are great for cultivating fun and creativity in children. Each drum is a different size including: 15”, 12”, 10”, 8”, and 6”. The tallest drum makes the deepest sound, while the shortest makes the highest sound. They can be arranged and installed in any location and pattern. Drums must be installed less than 3” or more than 9” apart for children’s safety. For wheelchair accessibility, it’s recommended to leave a 36” clearance around the entire drum arrangement so children of all abilities can play.

Tuned Drums

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